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Origins Dermatology Centre


To provide personalized and advanced dermatological care to our patients.


To enhance the lives of our patients through personalized, innovative, and research-driven dermatological care.


To empower you to achieve healthy, radiant skin through personalized and compassionate care.

Who We Are

We are an independent skin health center led by Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis, providing comprehensive dermatology services in Regina, Saskatchewan, and beyond. Our offerings include a wide range of specialized care for the general population of southern Saskatchewan. We also extend our services through remote clinics, utilizing virtual care/teledermatology, and in-person clinics tailored to provide culturally safe care to Indigenous communities. Our mission is to ensure accessible and inclusive dermatological care for all.

Dermatologist, MD, MS(HS), FRCPC, FAAD

Thank you for choosing Origins Dermatology! We appreciate your visit and strive to provide top-quality skin care services that leave you feeling confident and empowered about your skin health. We look forward to working with you for all your dermatological needs.

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Dr. Rachel Netahe Asiniwasis

Founder & Director

Medical/Surgical Dermatology

Expert diagnosis, treatment, and surgical interventions for a variety of skin conditions.

Medical/Surgical Dermatology

Patch Testing

Accurate identification of allergens through advanced diagnostic testing and customized treatment plans.

Patch Testing

Mole Photography

Precise imaging for accurate monitoring and evaluation of skin moles.

Mole Photography


Harnessing the power of light for targeted treatment of skin conditions and rejuvenation.


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Skin Concerns

Explore common skin concerns, gain valuable insights, and find effective solutions for healthier skin. Enhance your understanding of various conditions on our Skin Concerns page and make informed decisions about your skincare.

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