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Kristian Blind

Kristian Blind

“Hello! My name is Kristian Blind I’m a registered nurse who received my education at the University of Saskatchewan in 2018. Since 2019 I have been working for my home communities in Southern Saskatchewan in the Touchwood File Hills under the Touchwood Agency Tribal Council as a Community Health Out-Reach Nurse. I enjoy doing Outreach work as it allows for diversity in my scope of practice, but I’m particularly interested in Skin and Wound Care. I was introduced to the field of dermatology back in 2019 working with Rachel Asiniwasis at one of our community clinics and I learnt so much from our interactions with patients about skin disorders. I found my formal education as a registered nurse did not adequately teach me about skin and skin disorders. I’m still learning about the field of dermatology and I’m working on a research project with Rachel called Reaching Out for Atopic Dermatitis (ROAD) in which we will help educate health professionals to optimize care for patients with AD by taking a proactive approach.

I have learnt so much since working on this research project and will continue my education through Western Canada as I relocate on coast.

In my spare time I enjoy buying and reading books, traveling, live music, walks with my dog, and catching up with friends and family.”