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Beyond the Itch

Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis Interview Beyond the Itch

Beyond the Itch: The Physical Burden & Itch

Rachel discusses the physical burdens of atopic dermatitis, including itch, with lifestyle journalist and atopic dermatitis sufferer Julia McEwan.  

“Itching can lead to significant physical and psychological stress for people who suffer from Atopic Dermatitis” – Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis, dermatologist

Learn more about the physical burden associated with AD with lifestyle journalist and AD sufferer Julia McEwan and Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis.

Click the link below to watch the full Interview.

Beyond the Itch: Resources for Patients & Healthcare Practitioners

Rachel discusses atopic dermatitis resources for patients & healthcare practitioners.

“You are not alone, and there are many tools and resources to help deal with the effects of Atopic Dermatitis.” Lifestyle journalist and AD sufferer Julia McEwan and dermatologist Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis break down the simple ways patients and caregivers can be empowered to live a healthy, happy life.

Click the link below to watch the full Interview.

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